Tuesday, January 6

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Länsimäentie, 15:10


Naa has gone to meet a friend in the centre, and I have gone for a walk. There is a 24 hour Siwa near Mellunmäki that has intrigued me for some time as we drive past it. Today I have decided to walk down there and have a look. It takes fifteen minutes to walk there and I look around for ten minutes. It is about the size of our local Alepa and it has an Alko attached to it. It closes at 21:00 tonight because today is a public holiday, and then reopens at 1:00 tomorrow.

I decide not to walk back the way I have come and so I just carry on along Mellunmäentie in the belief that I should be able to find a way back from Mellunmäki. The road carries on for ages and eventually takes me past Mellunmäki metro station. I turn left there along a road that advertises itself as leading to Itäväylä. The path turns out not to follow the road but to lead into woods. I therefore walk through the woods until I cross the road over a bridge.

I will then walk through the woods for another fifteen minutes until I come out onto Itäväylä by the fire station.