Sunday, January 4

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Home, 11:00


Yesterday, in Sokos, we purchased an iconic Alvar Aalto vase which was reduced by 40%. It is a classic of Finnish design and comes in many sizes and colours. I notice this morning that it seems to have become an iconic candy jar, complete with uneaten chocolate Santa.

Later we will return the dvd we watched last night. Irma will find a shorter route to Makuuni this time and we will return homw more or less by the route we intended.

Over the last few days the temperature has returned to above zero and the snowy paths have become completely clear. Today there will be brisk flurries of snow and the paths will be covered again. However it will be smooth and flat enough that we will not bother to clear it away.

We will have a day in which we will all miss Auo. Naa will spend much of the day revising for her maths exam in four days time and the silence in the house will be sharp and painful.