Saturday, January 3

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Marks & Spencer, 15:00


Today we have gone to the centre to purchase clothes in the sales. Marks and Spencer has opened as a large shop-im-a-shop inside Sokos, and so here we are. I will buy trousers and a shirt. Irma will buy as many cosmetics as the law will allow. They are Christmas box sets which are now reduced by 40%.

Naa is at the cinema with a friend for the second time in as many days.

When we get home Irma will decide that we should all watch a film and that, in particular, we should all watch a film called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. She and Naa have apparently seen most of it on a flight at some time or another. In what will strike me as a most unlikely sequence of events Irma will remember the title, google film rental services, locate a Makuuni in Vuosaari, phone them up, and discover that they have the film in stock waiting for us to rent it.

We will collect the film and then get completely lost in Vuosaari, ending up driving through the long tunnel by the harbour. We will both find this hilarious. The film will turn out to be very good as well.