Monday, December 29

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The garden, 14:50


This morning Irma returned to work. Naa went to Kamppi to do shopping for her grandma, and I stayed at home. There are three Christmas presents that have not yet arrived. I checked online before I got up properly and they should both arrive today. I am trapped here waiting and so I will do the ironing and vacuum clean the house.

Now I have left the freshly clean house to look at the mailbox, but I have only found one card and two tax letters. On the way back I have stopped to photograph the seasonal elf who is now accompanying the pig-dog thing.

Sunshine is keen to go out until it gets outside when it is immediately keen to come back in. I am not surprised since the temperature is about -15.

Naa was intending to go to the cinema with Niilia but Tusita phoned Irma to say that she cannot come. Naa will therefore stay at Kamppi to eat before returning home. I will skip lunch because I feel I have been doing nothing but eating for the last week, and there are still several boxes of Christmas chocolates to go.

In the afternoon I will get a phone call from a DHL driver to check that I am in and at 19:00 he will turn up with a parcel. I will hand it to Irma who will open it to find a OnePlus One phone. She will be uncertain about whether she is delighted or irritated that she has got more technology. She will, however, race to Prisma to get the man there to change her data plan and install the simcard.

Once she is home she will decide that she is delighted, especially when she discovers that it is powered by Cyanogen, and Android fork that does not require her to have a Google account.