Wednesday, December 24

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The Living Room, 12:30


The shops were open until midday and we managed some absolutely final shopping. We have the tree out, and Naa has decorated it. Soon we will open the presents.

It will feel very strange without Auo jumping around wanting to ope them all straightaway. I felt as though there wasn’t any need to open them at all. We did though. We had each given Auo something, and we sat and made the Lego figures. There are no duds: she would have liked them all.

I will get an iPad Air 2 which Irma has had engraved with some of Auo’s favourite sayings. It has a gold back in honour of Girly Wirly’s love of all things bling. I will give my old iPad to Naa which will be fitting since she bought it for me four years ago.

Dinner will be all fish, and the fish will be lovely. We will eat too much and not really mind.