Tuesday, December 23

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Garden, 17:40


Today was the first day of the holidays and it felt very odd. Everyone behaved differently but everyone was, in their own way, stressed.

In the afternoon I suddenly realised that I wanted to buy Auo some Lego minifigures for the last time. This made no sense at all and I realised that that was why I wanted to do it. Sometimes, I thought, the only sensible thing to do is to do something that makes no sense. I walked to Prisma and bought five: three normal ones from Set 12 and two from the special Simpsons set. When I returned Irma and Naa left to go food shopping.

I packed the figures and wrote a note saying “To Auo, one last time. Love Owen”. To my surpise I immediately burst into uncontrollable crying for a considerable time. I wrote a card that ended “Love Daddy” and I started crying again. I sat in a chair for about an hour and then, as suddenly, my mood lightened.

It had been snowing and it snowed again in the afternoon. I redid some of the paths in case this continued tomorrow.

In the evening Niilia’s whole family came round. Tusita had a huge cake for us.