Friday, December 19

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Arcada, 14:30


This morning Naa was at Kamppi and so I left, slightly later, on my own. It was pouring with rain for the third day running.

I sent out mails to two prospective thesis opponents. I wrote some overdue replies to some emails. I assessed and graded this years courses. I went through all the conference invitations I have received recently and threw away all but one. I will probably throw that one out in January.

At 14:00 the new graduates emerged from their ceremony and lecturers descended upon them to congratulate them and drink champagne. I went down to congratulate Idamaija. Now I am on my way back to the office, and pausing to watch people photograph each other.

In a few minutes I will tak with Jutta on Skype and then have a long video tutorial that more or less concludes a course that has been conducted entirely online.