Wednesday, December 17

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Itäväylä, 7:30


Irma was working at home today and so had no need to be up as early as Naa and I. We crept through breakfast like ghosts and left the house amid fiercely pouring rain. It was the kind of rain where, even though we both had waterproof coats with hoods, we took umbrellas.

Now we are at the bus stop wondering where the bus is. It will arrive at the same time as the next bus.

At Arcada Nathalie will give me her blessing to use Erasmus money to get to Odense in March. I will bump into Lasse who will promise to find funds to get me to Hanover in February.

At 11:00 Tomas and I will hold an introductory meeting for one of January’s courses: an intensive that will last for ten days. We will give them four preliminary tasks to do during the vacation to get them ready. Two of these will involve getting accounts at Popplet and Trello, and learning to use them.

At 13:15 I will help the last groups of students still having issues fitting Google Maps into their jQuery Mobile apps. By 16:50 the last problems will be (more or less) solved.

The evening will include ironing, showering, talking with Naa (who has been invited to give the speech at her school graduation ceremony in Spring), and wondering where Irma has gone. Shopping will be the answer to that mystery…