Saturday, December 13

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The woods, 15:20


We got up late. Naa had breakfast and then left with Irma in the car for Happi where she is finally finishing the video editing that she is doing for her journalism course. When Irma returns I will decide to go for a walk before it gets dark.

Here I am in the woods about to begin an hour’s walk through the woods and down past Alepa. I am intending to maintain a very brisk pace but it has been snowing overnight and the ground is alternatively slippery and wet. Brisk is replaced by cautious, which is why I will cover a lot less ground in an hour than I intended. The woods are uniformly monochrome, with the exception of a few signs.

Later I will drive to Prisma to get a bottle of wine. Irma will make dinner and we will all go to bed early, because we have to be up and alert early tomorrow morning.