Friday, December 12

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Itis, 16:30


I started the morning by doing more work for the course with Erik. I emailed iVersity for details about creating MOOCs. I emailed Lasse about payments, bills, report and plans. I then spoke with Jutta on Skype about students who need to graduate soon. Finally I had to sort out a problem concerning a student who had booked herself into an exam twice and was causing administrative chaos.

At 12:05 I left for the department’s Christmas lunch, which was being held at the Famu restaurant at the Scandic Europa. I got there two minutes late and joined the others at the buffet queue. Unfortunately my minutely late arrival has left me sitting at the far side of a large round table that had been placed at the end of a long table in order to accommodate everyone. Since there was no way I could hear any of the conversation, and my few attampts to start one met with little success, I spent ninety minutes eating my buffet in silence. At about 14:15 Liisa and Tommy left, and I decided that leaving seemed like a rather good idea.

Irma was working at home so I decided to explore the city centre in the pouring rain. I discovered that the basement of Forum has been completely rebuilt. I discovered that Marks and Spencer’s had yet to receive any of their Christmas deliveries. I found some small crackers in Habitat.

Now I am on my way home and have paused for a few minutes in Itis. I am wondering if I will find something interesting and unexpected there. I won’t. I will get home at about 17:15. Naa and Sunshine will be there and Irma will be out somewhere.

Since Naa and I are finally in the same place at the same time we will chat and then we will pull the sheets so that I can iron them. When Irma returns home, we will have a pleasant and lively evening.