Wednesday, December 10

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Itäkeskus, 7:50


There is a train parked on the platform that is never used at Itäkeskus metro station. It is not in use.

When I get to Arcada I will convert Naa’s video from a Quicktime movie to an mpeg file because she wanted me to. In doing this I will sit down with headphones and watch the movie full-screen from start to finish. Seen like this it is much more powerful than looking over somebody’s shoulder. I will watch it twice and tears will be rolling down my face. Naa has put together a hundred or so photos and video clips and assembled them in an order that is extremely powerful and evocative. Watching Auo like that brings home how much we have lost. The collage serves to remind me of what she was like and what I (we) loved about her much more than any single image.

I was very proud of Naa, both for her skill in editing it together and her resolve and determination to do it, even though I know it made her feel bad.

I will then spend almost the entire morning trying to get to grips with combining some of the more complex functions of Google maps with jQuery Mobile. I will spend the afternoon trying to convey the results of these experiments to the Real Time Web groups. I will have varying success. Since they have to have finished apps by next Thursday, when they will present them to Pixelache, they are very keen to succeed. The course therefore runs on until 17:20.

I will get home about 18:30 when Irma will leave to do some shopping. Naa will arrive about 20:30 from her journalism course.