Sunday, December 7

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Mannerheimintie, 17:00


After breakfast Naa left for Happi to carry on editing the video she is making as part of her journalism course. Irma drove her there and came back later with some shopping.

Now we have gone to the centre to see the new Habitat. It looks like I remember Habitat looking. Irritatingly, they had some Christmas crackers for sale a few days ago but they all went. Now we are walking through a market we never suspected even existed. It is opposite Stockmann and there are stalls of gourmet cheese, which we have sampled, and other stuff we don’t need. We will go to Marks & Spencer to see if they have crackers. They don’t but they are hoping that they will be sent some.

Naa and Sunshine will be back indoors when we arrive home in time for food, showers and an early Sunday night bedtime.

Yesterday, for reasons that seem vague now, Irma challenged me about my attitudes to Freud and Jung. This is not something that happens very often. Today, after rereading some books in some gaps in the day, I have concluded that one can dismiss Freud quite easily, but that Jung is altogether more interesting in what he says and how he says it.