Wednesday, December 3

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Jönköping Railway Station, 12:30


I avoided breakfast again. I simply could not face food after yesterday evening. The morning begin with Eija telling me that I was to lead the morning meeting with my report from the E-Learning group. Fortunately I had used my non-breakfast time to write out a coherent report from yesterday’s session, and so I gave it and actually received applause afterwards. Eija said that the next phase of the project would be E-Nobanet.

The conference finished at 12:00 and everyone went for a final lunch, except for Erik and I. We headed to the train station. Erik has an earlier flight back to Denmark and we want to have another intense train meeting. We are on the platform looking across part of one of the lakes at the far side of town. The permanent wind is blowing.

By the time we get to Goteburg we will have a complete course structure and a detailed plan of how we will turn this into an actual course. We will take a bus to the airport and check in early. Once checked in I will have the one and only beer of the conference: a Czech beer that is much darker and more pleasant than the weissbier that Erik insists on ordering.

I will have three hours left when Erik gets his plane, and I will realise that I am hungry. I will check out the Sportsbar and abandon it due to the huge noise and the slow waitresses. Wandering around I will find the Diners Club lounge and decide to go there. Oddly the woman at the desk will refuse to tell me how much it costs. Apparently I am supposed to give my Diners Card and they will charge me the secret fee. I decide to risk it and enter the most meagre lounge I have ever encountered. I will make myself several sandwiches and drink sparkling water.

The lounge is not bad though. It has sockets and it is quiet. I work for two hours, writing up what Erik and I decided, something I certainly could not have managed in the Sportsbar.

I will then wander out in time to catch the rest of the party at the gate. The flight will arrive fifteen minutes early. I have only hand luggage, and I will get a taxi home, arriving by 22:45.