Wednesday, November 26

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Home, 18:50


Today started with an online Masters Thesis presentation, as Paul Savage presented a very interesting work from California. At Arcada, Matteo was online as the supervisor, Nathalie as the examiner, and me as the official audience.

After this I worked ferociously on the KEPA application for the Bag Tree project, which now has a more acceptable name: Cultivating Marginal Economies. Nathalie had pointed me towards the application forms in Swwdish, and I realised that I would need to translate the guidelines as well as the form. So I did.

In the afternoon I ran a surgery for the students on Real Time Web, before supervising Idamaija’s thesis presentation, which went well, returning to Real Time Web and then beginning to fill in the translated forms for KEPA.

Now I am at home in Naa’s room looking at the Mystery Object that she brought back from Paris. I failed to guess what it was but it turns out that it is an extensible selfie stick called Le Stik. She demonstrated it by putting her phone in the clamp, extending the stick, setting the camera in the phone to self-timer, and then posing us while holding her arm out.

Very useful and completely unnecessary: a winner, then.