Friday, November 14

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A306, Arcada, 15:00


Naa was at Kamppi so I left on my own, having let Sunshine out for its morning patrol.

The morning began with me trying to get Camtasia loaded onto my laptop. Nothing happened, but I did have an interesting conversation about it. This was followed by a surprise impromptu tutorial with Maija, who wanted to check that she has in fact finished her thesis. She had.

I then went through all the problems I had been given to solve in next week’s additional block for the Advanced Web Apps course. None of them looked insuperable, but irritatingly none of them looked like the kind of problems that I could rehearse ahead of time. Still I did spend time contemplating them, so they will not be a total surprise on Tuesday morning.

I also mapped out the Real Time Web course, which now differs radically from what it was this time last week. I had long conversations with Matteo, Nathalie and Tomas, and a long Skype meeting with Jutta. Now I am looking at a cycling helmet that has been lying on top of a cupboard for over a week now. Perhaps I should ask who it belongs to.

I tried to do a lot of things in ASTA and none of them worked. It turned out that the latest version of Chrome messes up Arcada’s homemade web administration, and so I reinstated Firefox as my default browser. Now, after forty minutes customising it, I think I like it better. I will add All-In-One Toolbar and wave goodbye to Chrome for awhile.

Soon I will do my weekly backup and then I will leave for a weekend.