Monday, November 10

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Arcada, 11:15


Naa and I left at 9:10. She went to school and I went to Pasila to see Aija. We talked for an hour about last week’s trip to India, about how I felt about it, and about how I felt about how Irma felt about it. We talked about the three of us and how we are coping or not. Finally we agreed to meet again in December.

Now I am at Arcada, looking down from the third floor to the entrance. I am about to hold a thesis tutorial in which I will go through an almost-completed thesis and suggest ways in which it could be turned into a completed thesis. After this we will have a meeting in which the department will go through the repercussions of last week’s sackings. In total Arcada sacked the equivalent of nine full-time employees in an emergency cost-cutting exercise, through a mixture of sacking some people and reducing other people from full-time to half-time. Our institute lost two and a half jobs.

I will race from this to another thesis tutorial where I will sugest how a much longer thesis could be tweaked into a condition of perfection.

I will go home slightly early in order to have a Skype meeting with Erik. He will have problems with his daughter and our meeting will be mostly transferred to Thursday morning. I will do ironing instead.