Sunday, November 9

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Garden, Helsinki, 15:30


We all slept late, even Sunshine, and now we have had breakfast. I am outside looking at the Christo-styled winter wrapping for the garden seat. This year it is apparently camourflaged.

Today is Father’s Day and Naa gave me a huge cheesecake that she had made especially. She is turning into an excellent baker. I can say this because, when we arrived home from India, we found a fresh carrotcake in the fridge which was absolutely delicious. It was thick and rich and moist.

Irma gave me a card that Auo had made in 2012 and not got round to giving me. I liked the card. It would have been nice to get it from her in person. I am not sure how I feel about posthumous releases. I miss her.

In the afternoon we will go to Irma’s parents for a Father’s Day coffee. Irma’s sister will be there too. We will have chocolate cake and biscuits. Irma and I will have cups of tea.

We will come home, eat, shower, and go to bed very early indeed.