Wednesday, November 5

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Outside the house, 17:30


This was the first morning so far that we have woken up with no agenda for the day. It was also the first morning that had clear skies, no wind and strong sun. We sat on the balcony all morning, reading and talking. In the afternoon we took a rickshaw to to Lighthouse Beach.

Irma sent a series of postcards and then we walked down to Leo. This was still closed by Biju’s massage shop was still open. I had a full body massage for an hour and then Irma has her hands, feet and shoulders massaged for almost as long.

We walked to say goodbye to Anu and Michael. Anu’s sky lanterns – which he had intended for the puja – had arrived, and so we took one down to the beach with him to test. It was broken, though, and the wind was high, and it was starting to rain. Any one of these might have made it fail. Together they guaranteed that it would not leave the ground. Others joined in though and soon we had a small group having great fun as the lantern finally ripped and caught fire.

We walked to get a rickshaw and were offered an Ambassador class car instead for the same price. Now we have arrived home after a much smoother and faster ride. I am admiring the car while Irma is paying.

I have had stomach ache since yesterday, so I will go early to bed. Irma will be glad because this will enable her to pack without having to talk.