Monday, October 27

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Toukolankuja, 8:10


The sun is up earlier today because the clocks went back yesterday. I leave first and the bus arrives at the stop more or less the same time as me. The whole tram leaps off at Arabia since it seems to consist of every student at Prakticum and me. I watch them walk down the side of Arcada towards the three lions.

At Arcada I will spend the early part of the morning reading two theses that have arrived just in time for the tutorials later today. I will have one tutorial, and then another. Nathalie from Pixelache will arrive for lunch and she and I and Tomas will discuss an event in November designed as a look at old, failed community projects with a view to learning from our mistakes. It will be a kind of launch for the Autopsy of an Island Currency book that descibes Christian Nold’s attempts to devise an alternate currency for Suomenlinna.

In the afternoon I will prepare a demo for tomorrow, and then hold a third tutorial. This one will be by Skype and will feature me attempting to teach WordPress theme creation by looking at something onscreen and guessing why it is not working. I will succeed at first and fail later, when the problems get too complex.

At home I will purchase milk and balls to keep birds alive in winter: tallipallot I believe. Naa will arrive from journalism and I will have s shower.

Another day.