Saturday, October 25

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Messukeskus, 14:00


Naa had left when we got up and now, after breakfast, I am about to join her. Naa has spent the past two days at the Book Fair, racing there from school. Today and tomorrow she is planning to spend almost the whole day there, and she asked me to join her. Irma has dropped me off and I am walking into the hall.

The fair is big and it will take a couple of phone calls before we find each other. Naa has made a detailed plan for her day, with lectures to listen to more or less every hour. When we meet she explains that the next talk is in Finnish in five minutes so we can meet again in an hour. There is a music festival embedded inside the Book Fair, so I will wander off to look at the rockabilly CDs. There are also two large alleys of second hand books, in many languages, and I will spend most of the hours there.

Naa has been wanting to attend the meet a publisher session but it turns out that it was completely booked within five minutes of the fair opening. She has brought her book-length piece about life without Auo with her, and she will be disappointed that she cannot show it to someone. However, she will tell me about the Food and Wine show upstairs and we will go and look.

We will spend the next hour eating samples of meat and cheese, yogurt and cakes, and anything else we can find. On the way home there will be an enormous queue for the tram, the bus will arrive in twenty minutes, and so we will walk to Pasila station and get the train to the centre. Walking from the station to the metro we wil more or less pass Marks & Spencer. I will sugest having a quick look at the food court. Last week, when Irma went, she was disappointed by the lack of ginger nuts and wrote to M&S to give her customer feedback. This week there is a big display of ginger nuts.

When we arrive home with a packet Irma will be amused and delighted.