Friday, October 24

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Sörnäinen, 7:45


Naa was at Kamppi so I left alone. It was cold but not that cold.

I saw the bus arriving, ran like mad, and caught it. At Itäkaskus I heard the metro arriving, ran like mad, and managed to get in the last carriage. At Sörnainen I look and see the red sky of dawn. I also see that the next tram is in eight minutes. I glimpse a 68 bus coming round the corner, run like mad, and catch it.

I will have a long Skype meeting with Jutta, catching up with the meeting I missed yesterday when I was with a class. I will then have a meeting with Nathalie to explain my reaction and pitch an all-encompassing solution to every problem raised in the meeting. Then I will talk to Jutta again and we will realise that the key we have been looking for is embodied completely in the phrase world building.

I spent some time in the afternoon bringing my backup strategy up to date, before setting off for a final meeting with Steve, beginning in the lobby of his hotel.