Tuesday, October 20

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Arcada, 12:30


This morning Naa and I left early and the weather was absolutely freezing. I promised myself that I would wear a much thicker jumper tomorrow.

I spent the morning administerating the classes, and looking through the material I had received from my distance learning students. The work is fine and the new flipped class regime seems to be working well.

I have just been to Arabia to buy some cheese for lunch and I am back in the building as fast as I can. It is still freezing cold out there. For some reason some of the sockets and plugs catch my eye: possibly because people have spent much of the morning complaining of electrical and connectivity problems, none of hwich I have experienced.

I will spend the afternoon with the Mobile Apps group who are due to finish their apps this week. By the end of the afternoon two will be finished, and only one will be in a state of potential disaster. During this I will receive an email from the Zero Waste Project telling me that they are very happy for me to come and film and interview them in a couple of weeks. This is excellent news.

I will spend the early evening at a meeting to begin planning the 2015 Pixelache festival. If all works as intended it will be a surprising and unusual event, and Arcada will be firmly embedded within it.

I will spend the later part of the evening ironing, showering and talking, before checking that I have a very thick jumper for tomorrow.