Saturday, October 11

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The garden, 16:00


We got up at a weekend pace. After breakfast and a shower I cycled to Prisma to get the few things we needed. I decide that this might be the last weekend I get to cycle for fun, and decide to make the most of it.

Naa went to Kamppi for the afternoon. Irma and I did autumnal things in the garden. We raked and took the hose away for winter. I put some outdoor chairs up in the roof of the car shed.

Then I stood on top of the step ladder carefully collecting the apples hanging over our drive. Minna has so many that she has actually asked Naa to collect them from her garden. Now we have a basket full of apples of various sizes that I have managed to bat off the tree and catch with my other hand, while balancing on the ladder.

Irma will make a delicious dinner and we will go to bed when Inspector Lewis has finally solved the case.