Thursday, October 9

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NorthPole, 17:20


Today was a very early school day for me, and so a very early work day for me.

I began by reading a thesis proposal, making comments, and arranging a tutorial for next week. Then I spent thirty minutes answering some questions about Zurker, the social network that dies as it had lived, in muddle and murky circumstances. I have begun an email interview/conversation with someone called Moonman who is involved in an attempt to resurrect some of the ideas behind Zurker in another way. I answered his new set of questions, and in doing so found out some more about what I think about it.

I spent the rest of the morning in a Nobanet planning meeting and then, after a quick lunch, I spent the afternoon working with the Advanced Web Apps group, who are now turning their beginning to turn their Photoshop sketches into static web sites. In doing this I invented a solution to a problem that both ALexandra and Emma were having that pleased me enormously. It produces an effect that looks simple but isn’t-

Now I am on my way home. The television students have been sitting up for a big recording exercise tomorrow, and I step over wires and round the lights as I head for the steps.

When I get home Naa will be at Kamppi for the night. Irma will show me the things she got from Marks & Spencer, which opened in Helsinki this week. She will then go to Stockmann Crazy Days, which started yesterday. I will do some ironing and cleaning. Irma will return and there will be a short work-related brouhaha about a forthcoming television programme.

I will have a shower.