Tuesday, October 7

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Outside Arcada, 17:20


I had been awake several times in the night, aided and assisted by the cat, who was under the impression that 3:30 was an ideal time to go out into the woods. Failing to convince me, he decided to try again at 4:15, 5:00, and 6:00. I used this time to daydream about the chapter outline I had promised to deliver yesterday, while not thinking hard enough to keep myself awake.

The result was that, by the time I had said goodbye to Naa at Sörnäinen metro (I got off and she stayed on), I had a fairly clear idea of what the outline looked like. By 10:00 I had written and mailed it to Alison in Manchester. I then had a tutorial, wrote a long mail to Steve, osted a bunch of screenshots to Maija, and prepared the files for Advanced Web Apps.

I then spent the afternoon showing the Advanced Web Apps group the reasons why grid design on the web might be a spiffy idea, and then leading them into the water to begin designing their own site using pencil and paper. At the end of the afternoon I suggested they might remake their sketches in Photoshop as wireframes, making certain to download the necessary grid from gridulator first.

Now I am leaving Arcada, and I see the outside broadcasting truck outside, where it has been all week. This time, however, I walk round the inside of it and notice that one side has been completely graffitied. The logo has been left untouched and so I assume it has been done with permission, or by an extremely polite graffiti crew.

I will be first home, Irma will arrive later from Kamppi, and then go out to get some milk and collect Naa from her journalism course. I will iron an alarming number of sheets and duvets, before having a shower.