Sunday, September 28

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Clayton Square, 12:20


Irma had done most of the packing before we went to bed last night, and so we had a leisurely morning. Breakfast consisted of the remains of last night’s indoor picnic, which in my case involved pitta bread, Primula spread and hummous.

We went across the road to buy cheeses, and then finished packing. Yesterday had been the Liverpool – Everton derby and the hotel (and the city) had been full of football supporters, many from other parts of Europe. This morning they wandered the streets bleary-eyed.

Yesterday evening we worked out the way to walk back to Lime Street, and it turned out to be about half the distace we walked when we arrived. We have walked up James Street and I am sitting while Irma makes some final purchases in Primark. I can see the statue of the Moores brothers, the founders of Littlewoods Pools. These slightly over-sized statues are everywhere. On Friday we saw one of Billy Fury.

We will get to the station, and then to Manchester airport leaving us three hours there. Thanks to a massive edition of the Sunday Times this time will pass painlessly. I will have a cheese pasty and Lucozade, and Irma will have a jerk chicken wrap.

By 23:00 we will be back at home, and by midnight I will be asleep. That was one of the best and most relaxed weekends away I can remember. I want to do it again.