Friday, September 26

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The Albert Docks, Liverpool, 16:00


We got up late this morning and got a breakfast picnic from the local Tesco, which we ate on seats in the Albert Docks. Then we went to the Tate Liverpool and spent several hours there, and in the area outside. Walking along the far end of the docks we find an old-style ice-cream van.

Irma has bought some postcards, and sat in a window of the Tate filling them in. Now we are looking for a post-box. We will not find one but I will spot a Post Office van parked. Irma will see the postman walking towards it and ask him where she can find a postbox. He will take the cards instead, and put them in a sack in his van. He will also talk about it a lot and be very jolly.

We will walk over the road and into the shopping centre, which is mostly pedestrianised streets whose name I know from the times when they were actually streets. The whole of Liverpool 1 has been rebuilt since I was last here.

We will walk around the shops. We will buy a teapot and much, much more. We will both have fish and chips with mushy peas at a Weatherspoon pub whose name I never discover.