Tuesday, September 23

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Outside Arcada, 11:50


Today is public transport strike day, as the metro and tram drivers signal their protest about plans to privatise the company that runs them. It has to be done and nobody is complaining. Irma is getting a shared taxi to her seminar and I had been invited to ride along, if there was a spare place. There was and I did; and when I got to work I discovered that this was today’s norm. Numbers of people had shared taxis and rides, which might explain why the roads seemed less rather than more congested.

The weather had dropped ten degrees in the night and it was four degrees when I got to work. It was also drizzling, so the walk from Kalasatama to Arcada was wintry fun.

I spent the morning catching up on my Lynda viewing, realising that I had to have watched what the students had watched to understand the problems that they were going to have in the forms that they were going to have them. So I learned what I already knew in an interestingly different way.

Now I have noticed that the rain has stopped and the sky has brightened and remembered that I need bread for my sandwiches at lunch. Now, having stocked up on bread and ham, I am walking back to Arcada. The weather is cold but not as cold as this morning.

I will spend the afternoon with the Advanced Web Apps group, most of whom have not yet watched the video. I will suggest that we therefore proceed by everyone watching the video over two afternoons while actually doing the exercises. They can then ask me questions as they go. This will prove fruitful when it turns out that the videos still have remnants of WordPress 3.8 in them, and things have changed drastically since then.

Fun will be had by all – and because Irma has said that she will pick me up after 19:00 I will allow the session to run on until nearly 18:00.