Thursday, September 18

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Outside Arcada, 12:20


Last night was a very restful night. I woke up once for about thirty seconds, and then woke up about ten minutes before my alarm was due to go off. Naa and I had breakfast quietly because it was an early morning, and then we talked on the bus.

I had an all-day workshop with the Mobile Apps group and it was a struggle to get back into it after talking for three long days about entirely different issues. Nonetheless we covered a lot of ground quickly and stopped early for lunch. I went to Arabia for crispbread and cheese.

Now I am walking back and something has made me look down. The ground looks very stylised, and so I phtograph it.

The workshop will finish at 17:00, having covered a lot more ground than I expected – leaving me with a headache for tomorrow.

I will arrive home to hear the burlar alarm ringing gently in the distance. I will open the door with some trepidation, leaving it open in case I have to make a rapid retreat. Nothing will be out of place and only the sound of Sunshine locked in Naa’s room will compete with the ringing- I will switch it off and just as I do Irma will phone because the alarm company have phoned her. Everyone will be puzzled.

Irma will be at a meeting with the mayor, Timo Cantell and others until about 21:00 and by the time she returns I will have cycled to Prisma for milk and more, showered, ironed, vacuum-cleaned, and fed the cat.