Wednesday, September 17

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Outside the Palace, Copenhagen, 12:30


This morning I woke at about 6:30 wondering what I should do with my imaginary bicycle. I had a bath in the too-small bath, and packed my suitcase. It seemed suspiciously empty so I unpacked it and packed it again. Then I remembered that I had a bigger suitcase than usual and went downstairs.

The morning session began with Eija’s recap of what happened yesterday. Then I gave a report on the activities of WP7 to date. Since the activities consisted of three short Skype meetings this did not very long. Sensing that people expected more I drew a series of conclusions, extrapolations and questions from our discussions, and all was well. In fact, all was excerdingly useful, since by the tome the discussion was over I had a fairly clear idea of what we could and should do next.

We finished before lunch started so I left the hotel and walked in the sun. I am in the palace square watching the four palace guards march up and down. Behind me a gang of Japanese tourists are standing beside their rented cycles.

After a short afternoon session at which we agree to meet in Jönskörping in December, I will check in and get my digital boarding pass from the Norwegian Travel Asdistant app. Then I will walk around the shopping area in an effort to fill in the six hours before my flight.

I will sit in Nytorv for an hour, watching the cyclists and pedestrians go by. I will see the same gang of Japanese tourists, still walking beside their bikes. Then I will walk back and meet Christa and Rasa at the hotel to get the metro to the airport.

Passing through security with my digital boarding pass will get me immediate entry to thhe priority queue. I will be checked and in the airport in three minutes. Christa and Rasa will take about twenty.

I will be very happy that Irma will collect me from the airport, and I will be asleep by midnight.