Saturday, March 17

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Vanhanlinnantie, 17:20

We have had a very jolly day, after a late and relaxed start. The snow in the garden is melting rapidly and pavement is appearing all over the place.

I have just been to Prisma. Irma dropped me off on her way to a work meeting in Hakaniemi, which will take a couple of hours.

I decided to look at phones this afternoon, because the one I have doesn’t work with ebooks and apps like Path, both of which I need to demonstrate to the students. I found the Samsung Galaxy Xcover which seems to be have the minimum that I need and is remarkably cheap. I checked and checked but nothing better came up.

Now I am waiting outside for a bus home. The sky has turned grey. Later we will cook and watch nonsense on television, including a version of Wallander, starring Kenneth Branagh, that seemed as though it had been made as a vicious parody of the kind of Swedishness that English people think they seen in Bergman movies.