Saturday, September 6

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Garden, 19:00


We got up late, feeling relaxed, and had a big brunch. The weather was pretending it was summer again. It was so successful that, after I had had a shower, I wore put shorts on.

Irma had decided that she would make a Saturday dinner like we used to have last year, and so I cycled to Prisma for exercise and a couple of cooking ciders; these being part of the Saturday Dinner ritual.

When I got back Naa and Irma left for the centre. Naa was doing for Irma what she did for me: giving her a day out as a birthday treat. They went to Ateneum to see the Tove Janssen exhibition, which has been attracting record-breaking crowds, and I tidied the house. It was hot and sunny so I followed this with an hour tidying leaves while Sunshine sat watching me.

Irma and Naa fitted some shopping in after the exhibition and arrived home about 18:30. Now I am outside briefly, when I notice the cat pretending to be a watering-can. It is sitting lined up with them on the step. I call Irma and Naa to look.

Soon we will be eating a delicious home-made meal before having a long and amusing evening.