Monday, September 1

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Garden, 18:20


Naa and I left as normal and the working day started with a meeting with all the second and third year students, led by Tommy. I managed to stay completely silent throughout it. At 10:00 I received an email from Lynda starting our account, and ten minutes later I had logged in and attempted to change my password as instructed. This immediately mixed up the new account with the old one we had in 2011, and the result of this was that I had access to the old account but not the new one. I sent emails and made phone calls and sat back waiting for something to happen.

I sent a flurry of other emails, one of which requested early access to Ello. To my surprise I got a reply within ten minutes giving me a beta account. I invited Jutta in and we had a look. The design is interesting and the people already there seem like the kind of people I might find interesting in real life. I questioned why I wanted to start a social network to discuss the thesis when I could house the discussion here where anyone overhearing it might actually be interested enough to join in.

Perhaps the time to set up the site I had in mind will be when (if) we graduate from talking about the thesis to actually doing things. Then we would be a club and then we would have a reason to have a basecamp. At the moment it would be a vainglorious waste of time.

In the afternoon we had a team meeting, after which I used the time I had set aside for exploring Lynda to begin working out the details of this period’s courses. This meant reading to remind myself of the changes in the software and protocols since last year. It also meant recoding a bunch of examples to take advantage of said changes.

I was first home because Irma had been at an official rehearsal for a meeting she is due to introduce tomorrow. Now I am in the garden answering the phone to AMin from Lynda. We go through what has happened and he then phones back to tell me that all is well. He has reset my password again and the two accounts should no longer interfere with each other. While I am talking I am looking at the stand for beating carpets that all Finns have in their garden. Ours has the remains of Auo’s outdoor toys, mostly used in winter to dig up snow.

Naa will be home late because she went to Kamppi from school and then to her new journalism workshop that she will now attend on Mondays and Wednesdays. She has been both excited and nervous about this.