Tuesday, August 26

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A306, Arcada, 11:50


This morning we all met the new first year students and told them who we were. We all remembered.

Afterwards Jutta and I tried to work out a knotty problem involving allocating teaching hours. This involved finding out how many hours someone else had been allocated and what criteria had been put on these hours. This involved working out the final results of a complex series of negotiations, and this sent us for an early lunch. We went to K-Market where Jutta got a salad and I got tomatoes to go with my nakkileipa and putinjuusto.

I show it to people before opening it for the simple amusement of handing it round. It constitutes an unlikely consequence of the Russian buoycott on European food products, which was in retaliation for the European sanctions against Russia which were supposed to teach them not to invade Ukraine. Valio has a lot of Russian-bound cheese stuck in Finland and has opted to sell it at firesale prices. Juusto is Finnish for cheese, hence putinjuusto.

In the afternoon Andrey, Jutta and I will have a Skype video conference and apparently we will reach timetabling solutions that satisfy everyone.

In the evening I will add diagrams and screenshots to my dissertation and then send it off to Stefan and Juha with a covering letter explaining the changes. I will also send copies to Lars and Steve. I will experience a moment of slight joy, and promise myself not to do anything at all to the thesis until I receive specific complaints about the fact that it makes no sense.

Naa will phone to say that she has just opened her email and found her Midnight Run ticket. She will forward it to me and I will print it out. Irma will point out that she ought to open her mail more than once every three months and I will agree.

I will leave Arcada at 21:00, bound for a shower and bed.