Monday, August 25

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Vartiokylantie, 17:20


I spent the morning making diagrams for the “final” draft of my thesis, and very nice diagrams they were too.

It was the first morning that students arrived at Arcada and the place was full for the first time in months. I watched the online camera to spot a lull in the crowds and raced down for fishball and boiled potatoes. The place was crammed with people talking to each other about who they were and what their destiny was, while others looked lost. I joined two of the lost and talked to them about hwo I was and where my destiny lay. They were not reassured.

At 14:00 I had a tutorial that turned into a conversation about Unity, and I am not sure who had learned most by the time it finished. I then opened ARBS and ASTA and administrated for a couple of hours until the rain stopped and I left for home.

I caught a 95 and now I am approaching Alepa and wondering whether I should buy milk. There is a man intending to get there first on a potkari. I have not seen one of those for years.

When I get home Irma and Naa will leave for Prisma to look for putinjuusto, which they will finally find at City Market. They will return with a bag of different flavours, and we will gather round and examine them. We might even prod them.