Thursday, July 21

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Kaisaniemi, 13:45


Naa started at 10:00 and so we both got up at 8:15, after Irma left. I spent most of the morning setting up my new work space.

Now I am on my way back to Arcada from Piano, a lunch restaurant in the centre where I have been with the judges and steering committee from Omtänk. We met to hear the judges’ opinions and sugestions, and the good news is that they all had plenty of both, and they all want to do it again next year. The food was nice too.

When I get back I will finish my workspace and have several lengthy Skype calls with Jutta about the arrangements for next week and Period 1. The promised thunderstorms did not happen, and I will leave the building at 16:30 to see what the Mystery Thief has been up to today.

I will get home to discover that Sunshine has learned a new trick. When we leave the house we put the burglar alarm on. To avoid the cat triggering it by runing around the house we lock it in one of the rooms with some food. Today Irma came home to find it outside. It had worked out how to squeeze through the small open window and push away the mosquito screen. I will spend some time putting a hook on the window so it can be left ajar safely.

At 21:00 Sunshine will come home and I will close the door while Irma gives it food. Ten minutes later she will go to the compost and see the cat outside again. Sunshine had eaten then raced into Naa’s room, where the hook was unlocked, and leapt through the window again. It will come home again at 23:00.