Sunday, July 17

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Garden, Sundö, 15:00


We woke up gently towards the end of the morning, and I leapt out of bed and into the sea. The water was warm, and much deeper than a couple of weeks ago. By the time I got out I was thoroughly washed and completely refreshed.

After breakfast we did some washing with the magic pulsaatori in the blazing sun, and then I washed all the paintbrushes I had used during the summer. We had a long chat with Mika and then Sunshine came home just at the right time. We decided to leave early because we had witnessed the enormous queues of cars arriving on the island on Friday evening and we suspected they will all be leaving again in a couple of hours.

Now I am wandering around making sure I have not left anything out that ought to be put away. In a few minutes we will catch the ferry, and we will be just in time. The queue will be starting, and we will have to wait one ferry before we can get on.

We will eat in Helsinki where the cat will happily walk around the garden. Irma and I will go for a short walk through the woods, and then everyone will go to bed early, because tomorrow is the first normal working day for all of us.