Saturday, July 16

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Sandholmsudden, 12:00


Naa got up at 8:00 and she and Juhan drove to the market. Camilla and Mika have gone to a funeral on the mainland and so Juhan, Naa and Ann-Sofie will run the market stall.

Irma and I got up at about 11:15 and got to the market too late to buy any fishcakes. We got lots of bread and cakes though. Now I am looking at the beach as the market closes. In a few minutes we will see the Three Stallholders sitting in Benitas eating ice creams. We will leave them there and drive to Erika’s shop.

In the afternoon Irma will mow the lawn, I will mend a stool and do weeding, and deal with the fridges. I will move the old fridge to one side and carry the new, bigger fridge (that is actually the old fridge when it is in Helsinki) into the kitchen. Irma will transfer the food from one to the other before I carry the old frisge out into the hall.

Juha will send an email to congratulate me on the finished draft of my thesis. He has read it and he approves, which will put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. It is now officially not nonsense, and I can get on with making the final improvements without much worry.

Later we will eat local food, before spending the evening in the garden.