Friday, July 15

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Sundö, 22:30


This morning Irma and I both worked from home, and we were up at the break of dawn working at separate computers in separate rooms, in separate silences. By the time I stopped I had (quietly) completed almost all of the rewriting at the end of the dissertation. Irma had done a full day’s work too.

Jobs done, we met in the hall.

Late in the afternoon, when Naa had returned from school, and all was calm again, we set off for Sundö. We loaded the old fridge into the car before we left, which left Naa and the cat less space than they expected.

As soon as we got to the farm waves of relaxation washed over us. We unpacked the fridge and stood it up in the hall to settle.

Now Sunshine is wandering around the garden happily and we are sitting outside. The weather has been very hot and the sun is just going down. Suddenly there is darkness. We will go indoors soon.