Sunday, July 10

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Garden, 15:00


Today was another extremely hot day, and I spent most of it in the garden painting. Once I had “finished” yesterday, it became clear that the remaining brown should also be painted white. This morning I did the inside of the shed door and then turned my attention to the rest of the window frames.

It was a day of masking tape, since I was now painting the actual frames while trying to leave the glass transparent. Naa returned from Sampo’s a few minutes ago and she is sitting in the garden weeding. Sunshine has joined her, and is lying on the concrete rolling around.

Irma will go to Prisma to fill the new Pizza box in the new fridge, and return with a bicycle bell to replace the one that broke on my bike yesterday. I will fix it to my handlebar and then Naa and I will eat pizza and pasta salad.

Krista will come round at 18:00 and she and Irma will chat over coffee while I carry on painting. She has a new Mini-Cooper and, parked on our drive, it looks very much like something I could covet.

I will mention this to Krista when she leaves and she will laugh and confess that she usually has no interest in cars but she thinks of this one more like a person than a car.