Saturday, July 9

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The garden, 17:00


We got up late and had breakfast using supplies kept colder than usual in the new fridge. We then moved the old fridge into the car shed to keep it dry until we take it to Sundö, where it will replace an even smaller and older fridge.

In the afternoon we did gardening until Irma took Naa to Sampo’s. They are going to Emelia’s birthday party in the centre and she will spend the night at Sampo’s. I painted more of the windows while Irma was away, and now we are sitting in the garden, rearranging things.

Branches have disappeared from trees, and now the mint has been brought to the front where we can keep an eye on it. There are several different kinds, and we are flavouring our drinks with them.

The cat will trot back in on time, I will cycle to the shop, we will eat pasta salad, and we will go to bed before 22:00.