Wednesday, July 30

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Kitchen, Sundö, 00:50


Today we had a late breakfast, before which I had edited my thesis and gone for a splash in the sea.

In the afternoon Irma decided to paint the porch white. She started, got bored, and I took over. We got the end walls done before time ran out.

At 16:00 we were at the market to find the nice old lady for Borgå was already setting up in the other half of the hut. I opened both of the covers and the market began. We sampled Ricky’s fish soup, which has been a big summer success. It was fine.

As soon as the market finished we headed for Helsinki. The weather switched from bright sunshine to what felt like the start of a thunderstorm. We left before it arrived.

At home Irma paid some work bills and I failed to fix the mower. Then we headed for the airport to collect Naa. Her plane was thirty minutes late.

She jumped in the car and we headed back to Pellinge to get the night ferry. It was clear from the roads that the thunder had been and gone, and a lot of rain had fallen while it lasted.

Now it is technically tomorrow and we are back at home. Naa has spread out all her purchases and we are deciding not to eat the cheese and chocolates until tomorrow. It is time for bed.