Saturday, July 26

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Sandholmsudden, 11:30


At 8:05 we had the market stall set up and at 8:10 we were eating sandwiches and drinking coffee. At 8:20 we were having more coffee and, in my case at least, another egg sandwich. For the first time this summer there was nobody sharing the hut with us and we had a larger quiet space.

The morning was very busy. The market was croded and lots of people stopped. Janne came by with his family. Ulla-Maj came by with hers. Heikki turned up and bought one of the wooden story books from Rhajiasthan. The Bag Tree paper bags, with the dangly key rings were a talking point.

Now we have reached that time of morning where everyone mysteriously disappears. Some get in their boats with their fish and vegetables and leave for their summer houses. Some get thirsty and head for Benita’s. Some go and sit on the beach.

The sun is hotter than ever. It will be almost 35 degrees in the middle of the afternoon, and we will celebrate by leaping into the sea as soon as we get back to Sundö. Everyone else on the farm will be getting into a boat to attend a birthday party when we arrive on the beach, so we will wait till they depart and then splash and wash.

We will follow this with lots of clothes washing. I will work out, while carrying water, that for each load of washing I carry more than twice my own weight in water. We will do a lot of washing and I will work out that I have carried an entire five-a-side football team from one end of the garden to the other, over several hours.

In the evening we will suddenly decide to rearrange the entire house, and by the time we collapse into bed the entire bedroom will have been rearranged, so that not a single piece of furniture is in the same position it was in yesterday. The best part of this is that we will have fun doing it, and we will sleep soundly.