Tuesday, July 22

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Sundö, 12:30


The cat tried to persuade me to let it out once an hour through the night and then, eventually, when I agreed to open the doors at 7:45 it refused to leave the house. At 8:15 Sunshine was finally outside and I was reading through what I wrote yesterday.

I spent the norning writing and then, when it was too hot in the sauna house to write anymore, I washed my hair and walked to the postboxes by the road.

I am standing by the postboxes with my first book in my hand. These are the postboxes for everyone in the farm in an order that has developed organically over the years, as people have added to the row.

I have opened the packaging and the book is one of the secondhand one. It looks newer than several books I have bought new, but cost 3€ instead of the 10€ a “new” one would have cost. I will sit in the garden drying my hair in the blazing sun while reading it.

I will then spend the afternoon and early evening writing. At about 20:00 I will talk with Naa and Irma. Naa is going to Sampo’s tonight and the four of them will drive to the airport at about 6:30 tomorrow morning. Irma will arrive back in the middle of the afternoon tomorrow.

If the plan works as it is supposed to, I will have finished my draft five minutes before she arrives.