Monday, July 21

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Sundö, 22:00


Naa has now finished working and so we all slept in. Sunshine woke me up at about 9:00 and I fed it, let it out, got up, and reread what I have been writing for an hour or so.

After breakfast we sat in the sun, and tidied up indoors and outdoors. I sawed up some poles and logs that Irma had moved, and put them in the back of the car to use in Helsinki. At about 15:00 Irma and Naa got into the car and left. Naa will be going to the Alps on Wednesday with Sampo and his family for nine days, and they will be doing things at home before she goes.

The cat and I spent the rest of the day here. My self-proclaimed task is to get the draft of the thesis written by the time Irma returns on Wednesday afternoon, and so I spent most of the afternoon and evening doing that. I spoke to both of them at about 21:00 and now I have finished for the day.

Before going to bed I have wandered down to the beach to see if it is sunset yet. It is starting. I can see Max on the jetty watching me in the distance. I will suspect it might be Sunshine at first, until I remember that I locked it in the house a couple of hours ago, when it last cruised by looking for food.

When I enter the house Sunshine will not be a happy cat. It will try to dash out into the outdoors it has learned to like. I will refuse and a disturbed night will begin.

Man vs cat: a draw.