Wednesday, July 16

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Sandholmsudden, 17:50


Naa started work at 8:00 because it is a market day. We slept later because we had been up late. I eventually got up to do some writing, although not as much as I hoped. I did do some finally organising though. This included ordering three books, which I need to corroborate one important argument. For the first time, I am ordering second-hand books from Amazon. We will see how that works out: cheaper certainly, but “near mint quality” maybe.

Now we are at the market. Before we arrived it rained, and once we got here it rained again. Now suddenly the weather has cleared, the clouds have almost gone, and it is hot and windless. I have left the hut and I am looking out past the jetty watching a boat hurrying back to a summer house with fresh fish andvegeatbles onboard. I know this because I watchedthem being loaded into the boat.

Before we left our cooker broke and so our dinner consisted of pasta with no accompanying sauce. When we return home we will collect a new set of rings from Camilla to ensure normal eating for tomorrow. She will suggest that we have an outing to Moomin Island tomorrow, and we will say a very definite yes.

We will go to bed very early. The cat will decide to stay out, to confuse matters, and I will hear Irma get up to let it in about 3:30.