Thursday, July 10

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Garden, Sundö, 17:10


The cat had another busy night: attacking insects, dragging mats around, making loud noises. Irma got up to feed it in the middle of the night.

When Naa and I got up at 8:30 the sun was out but a blustery wind was blowing rather too much. I sat and wrote until midday and got a lot done. I am now beginning to see an end in sight.

Irma and I did two loads of washing to find some way of taking advantage of the wind, after which Irma carried on painting a folding chair purple. After that we went to Erika’s shop in a successful hunt for capers to add to a homemade potato salad. And after that Irma asked me to sandpaper a rocking chair so that she could paint it purple.

Now Naa has finished work, Irma is indeed painting the rocking chair purple, and I wondering whether I would be better off sitting outside in the continuing wind or not. Mikael and Camilla are at the opening of a Moomin exhinition, which is part of the ongoing 100th anniversay celebrations, and we may or may not go to help with the first hay work of summer later this evening.