Sunday, June 15

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Sundö, 15:00


The cat woke me at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00. At 10:20 I gave up and let it out. I then realised that I had had about 15 hours of sleep and was now wide awake. I crept out of the house, washed and dressed, and started raking up the mown grass.

The weather was so hot that I took my shirt off again.

Naa woke about midday and Irma woke about 12:30. We had brunch at 13:00, and then carried on working in the garden.

Now Naa and I are at the beach because Naa wants to see how warm the water is. The answer is 18 degrees, which is warm enough for going into the water and cold enough for getting out again very quickly.

Later in the afternoon we will drive to Benita’s to get water and drop rubbish. We will spend forty minutes or so there eating cakes, drinking coffeee and talking with Benita.

After dinner Irma will leave for Helsinki, Naa will do the washing up and I will do more raking. Shortly after 22:00, when I am already in bed, Irma and I will exchange sms messages and I will fall asleep.

Hopefully, sixty kilometres away, Irma will do the same.