Wednesday, June 11

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Outside Arcada, 12:00


This morning I set my alarm for 8:30 and Irma had gone by the time I got up. Naa was awake but still in bed.

I got to Arcada in time for our strategy meeting, which seemed to get somewhere, or at least to move some ideas forward a little. Now I am on my way to the mall to get myself a couple of apples for lunch. The tree that I photograph some months to indicate the passing of time is now in its full summer glory.

In the afternoon I will print a film poster for a South African student who is in great distress because she has forgotten all about this and the film is due to premiere in a few hours. I have deliberately had nothing to do with the printer, because I have no desire to become a printing technican for random students. I will therefor Skyped Jutta who will be in her garden putting her microbus together. With our iPads on, and a video connection, I will watch her mend a Volkswagen while she explains how to get the printer to work.

During this adventure I will also see her niece, her tortoise and her sister’s chickens. Fun will be had by all.

After this I will discover Scrivener has received a mighty update, and I will download this. I can then prepare everything for the writing that begins next week. I will go through what I have in Evernote, and pack the key books I may need. I will start the process of checking that I have all the quotations that I need from the other books; a task I will finish tomorrow.

At 16:00, having packed some plastic bags for recycling at home, I will leave into the bright sunlight.