Sunday, June 8

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Vartiosaari, 11:50


I repeated yesterday’s morning routine. I got to Kallio at 8:50 and the three of us made the journey to Vartiosaari by boat. Alain and Frederic had returned home yesterday evening on their own and they spent much of the walk to the metro observing where they had gone wrong. They had apparently circled Kallio for an hour or so, observing late night drunks, before they finally found their apartment.

The island was in a level of hungover disarray when we arrived. Most people had been dancing and drinking until 4:00 or 5:00 and so the 10:00 start barely took place at 11:00. I have just sat with Jana, who gave a presentation to four of us about her app for mushrooming. It is now available for Windows phones and will be available on iOS and Android in August. It has been getting very good reviews and is this week’s App of the Week on the Windows Store.

Now that is over and, I walk to the jetty to listen to two talks about Bitcoin and virtual currencies. After this, finding nothing much else to do, I am walking across the island. I have seen signs for a church in the woods, but I have not yet found the church. Initially I thought this cottage was the church but I can see now that it is, in fact, a cottage. In an hour I will meet with Nigel and Sue, who have also failed to find the church on their walk.

After lunch I will give my presentation on the jetty to a group of two, as most people continue to stumble around in a daze.

At 15:30, after realising that nothing much else is likely to happen before mid-evening, I will join a group of Greek and Serbian artists and walk to the place where the rowing boat stops. I will fit in the second crossing and an hour later I will be home, to find Irma barbecuing sausages.

Our evening will be much better than the previous two. I will shower and everyone will go to bed early.